“Water treatment that uses advanced digital technology that delivers the highest achievable efficiency and capacity all in one system“

Technical Specifications

  • Intelligent Electronic Memory Base: Saves water and salt, through the control of the monthly use of the family’s water consumption, by automatically adjusting to any change of major or minor consumption. No more programming uncertainties!
  • Intelligent Memory: Ensures that all information is stored, even during power outages.
  • High Capacity Ion Exchange Resin: Ensures a continuos supply of softened water with the minimal use of salt, and no trace of hardness.
  • Ciclo Completamente Programable: Significa que el sistema puede ser adaptado a prácticamente cualquier condición de agua.
  • Completely Programable Cycles: The system can be adapted to virtually any water condition.
    Brine Filling The Tank: The injectors and the brine tank are kept completely clean, avoiding costly service calls.
  • Inner Turbine Assembly: It help us to read the number of gallons used, letting the memory base know when to send the message to clean itself, in addition its ongoing work expressed in numbers in the water stream, means there is practically no maintenance and ensures years of trouble-free service.
  • Brain Clark: Tested for over 10 years before entering the market, treated in different types of water, resulted in the best working valve for residential and commercial markets.
  • Flow Up To 35 GPM: Ensuring you get the maximum water pressure throughout your home, which translate to large energy savings when using hot water in washing and showering.
  • Life Guarantee: Life guarantee covers the salt tank, ion exchange resin tank, and the body of the valve for life. All other parts including the electronic parts are covered for up to 5 years.

Water Softening System Treatment That Will Change Your Life and Your Family’s life as Well!!