“If You’ve Thought About Your Decision and Wish to Have Clean, Safe, Great Tasting, High Quality Water, Delicious Juices, Tea, Coffee, Soups and More…”

Six steps of purification through your reverse osmosis system magnumpure

  • Its low salt and dissolved solids content: Makes this water perfect for drinking and cooking for its smoothness and flavor, since it is free of impurities and contaminants.
  • It is ideal for: Making ice cubes, wash fruits and vegetables, fill up fish tanks, give drinking water to pets, water plants, use in irons, steamers and many other alternative uses.
  • Because of its high degree of purification: It’s perfect and safe for the preparation of baby bottles and foods.
  • With Magnum Pure: You will obtain water that is low in sodium, and therefore will have the ideal water for a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Through the reverse osmosis: Nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, chlorine, solid organics, pesticides, herbicides, colloidal material; viruses in the water along with any other contaminates present in the water will be eliminated.
  • A treatment that will eliminate: Up to 99% of impurities, dissolved solids, and any bacteria present in the water, therefore eliminating bad tastes and odors that it may have.


  • Molecular systems require little place for installation.
  • Easy to install, usually under the sink.
  • Does not require complicated maintenance.
  • Purifies 150 a 200 liters per day.
  • Autonomic valve that automatically fills the tank.
  • Incorporates a drainage system that expels all the loose wastes that the system rejects.
  • Storage tank with own water shut off valve.

We count with systems that go according with the needs with residential or commercial homes.

What industries use water purification systems

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Cosmetic industries
  • Glass industries
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Water bottling industries

“With Magnum Pure Installed in the Comfort of Your Home”