The history behind the business

AquaMagnum was founded in March 2003 with the purpose to sell filtered water systems for homes, business was flourishing. Five years later I, Marco Catalan came across a magazine article on the benefits of alkaline water and how it helped prevent many different diseases one of them being cancer. As a cancer patient myself years before, I knew what it felt like to suffer from such a horrible disease, a disease that affects millions world wide.

There the Journey Started

Initially it was the challenge of developing a product that would fulfill the objective of producing alkaline water with the quality required for optimum pH for a healthier lifestyle. I needed a suitable name for the product to come, and that’s how Aquamagnum was born.

Our Name

As you notice is the fusion of two words Alka for alkaline and Magnum because of its magnitude and greatness.

Based on this concept, our focus is that our ionizers have the best capacity and quality in its filtration, purification and mineralization system, that can be offer. Which would reflect in the quality of the water that the buyer/customer as well as their family would consume.

Quality and health is priority

As I mentioned in the beginning, one of the sources of inspiration for the creation of Alkamagnum was the possibility to bring to our communities from all over the world a source of health which is why our ionizers had to produce a water that when you drink it it will have as the principal element antioxidants and the perfect pH for our body. For that reason, our ionizers are manufactured in a way that makes sure the water meets these requirements. Making our slogan a perfect fit. Life in each drop.